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ACE All-Year Long: Get the Secret Sauce - Dining With Dementia

This session was recorded on June 27, 2023 at the 2023 ANFP Annual Conference & Expo (ACE) in New Orleans, LA.

Speaker: Toni Fisk, CMDCP, CDP, CDM, CFPP

Characteristics of dementia are demonstrated and the direct correlation of how it relates to the socialization and the action of eating is shared. Our overall mission is to provide socialization, increased food consumption, improved hydration, and dignified dining. We must always focus on persons with dementia completing daily activities and tasks for themselves, for as long as they can. This session segues into the service standards and environmental aspects of the physical dining space. It also discusses best practice recommendations for the standard dining model and what considerations/actions should be undertaken to improve the dining experience for persons living with dementia.

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