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2022 CDM, CFPP Spotlight Award - Tammy Harms, CDM, CFPP

Congratulations, Tammy Harms, CDM, CFPP!

Tammy Harms has been a CDM, CFPP for 20 years. She has been working in foodservice since high school and has not stopped. Tammy started her foodservice career in retail, working in a bakery, before making a switch and entering healthcare. She has learned many things in healthcare but highlights the importance of the elderly and how nutrition is such a huge part of their lives. Tammy says working with the elderly has been the most rewarding times she has had.

Tammy is currently employed at Linn Manor, in Marion, IA, where she’s worked for nine years. In her spare time, she decorates cakes for family and friends. Tammy also enjoys hiking with her two Australian Shepherds.

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