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2023 Legacy Award - Colleen Zenk, CDM, CFPP

Congratulations, Colleen Zenk, CDM, CFPP!

Colleen Zenk, CDM, CFPP has touched nearly every area of ANFP and CBDM. She is known as a servant leader and long-time member and supporter of ANFP and CDBM. She has extensive knowledge of the industry and has graciously given of her time to ANFP and CBDM at every level, consistently for over 20 years, and continued to do so even after entering semi-retirement. Her commitment to these organizations has increased awareness and understanding of the CDM, CFPP credential, and furthered the goals of each committee or Board on which she served.

As a member, she has worked with ANFP and CBDM, serving on boards, and multiple committees at both the national and state level for many years. She has served on the ANFP (then known as DMA) Board of Directors as a Director, Secretary/Treasurer, Chair-Elect, and National Chair in 2002-2003. She has served two terms on the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers as well as the CBDM Standards Committee for several years and served on the CBDM Item Writers Committee prior to her time on the board. During that time, she consistently took extra assignments, using her expertise to ensure the content of the CDM Credentialing Exam was current and accurate. She has been a member of the ANFP Professional Development committee, the Editorial Advisory Council, the Grassroots Regional Network and continues to serve on the ANFP Past Presidents Council. She was also instrumental in establishing an international community and representing (then) DMA with like organizations.

In addition to volunteering at multiple levels consistently throughout her career, Colleen has also authored articles in Edge magazine and continuing education products, consulted as a subject matter expert for content related questions for articles and continuing education products, and presented at local, state, and national ANFP meetings and webinars. Additionally, Colleen has been a ServSafe instructor for many years, and her commitment to sanitation and safety has made her an expert in this arena.

Colleen has supported the efforts of ANFP and CBDM at the national level for over twenty years and continues to volunteer her time and talent at the state level, from planning meetings, helping with policies and procedures, and even taking minutes when needed. She exemplifies what it is to volunteer.

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