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2023 Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award - Amarilys Saluk, CDM, CFPP

Congratulations, Amarilys Saluk, CDM, CFPP!

Amarilys Saluk, CDM, CFPP, was born in Puerto Rico to a very young single mother. She grew up watching her mother work hard and make many sacrifices for her family. When Amarilys was 12 years old, her mother, through her hard work and determination, relocated the family to New York in the search for a better future. That move did not work out for the family, so within 3 months she relocated to Connecticut where the opportunities were endless. They have been in Connecticut for over 38 years. Amarilys was enrolled in an all-English school, and with her primary language being Spanish. She did not let that get the best of her. Since she has seen first-hand the struggle her mother had to encounter, Amarilys worked harder until I became fluent in English.

Her work history started at McDonald’s at a young age of 15. Seeing the joy and the the comfort that food offers to people made Amarilys believe she could do more with it. A few months later, she started working at Waterford Health and Rehab (SNF), while still in high school. Amarilys became a shift manager at 18 years old, and used that management experience to work her way up at the nursing home, where she became the food service supervisor, after she graduated high school. Amarilys became a mom at 19, and that only made her strive for more and made her passionate to continue the journey to provide for her son. Amarilys put herself through college while working 2 jobs and raising a baby. Then was introduced to the CDM, CFPP credentialing program in 1999. She continued her journey and completed the CDM, CFPP credentialing program in the year 2000.

Her entire life Amarilys has been a go-getter, hard worker, and dedicated. All of which she learned from her role model, her mother. Amarilys always wanted to belong to something that had meaning and made a difference, and that’s what ANFP has done for her. ANFP has giving her opportunities that she has capitalized on and appreciated every part of them. Amarilys worked hard and was determined that she wanted to be more than just a member; Amarilys wanted to make a difference within her state and the members deserved that type of leadership. That’s when Amarilys made herself noticed by other peers and was nominated to be state secretary. Within two years, she was nominated and selected President of the Southern New England Chapter.